Color Blocked


A Colorblocked Zipper Black Dress.


I will by no means call myself a fashion blogger. And this is by no means a fashion blog. But I will make mention of this dress, because this dress has been the focus of most of my Monday. I have noticed this new trend developing, with the 2 black strips on either side of a solid color dress-I recently learned that it is called “Colorblocking”-this has nothing to do with drugs. (Don’t quote me on that one-I am not such a reliable source when it comes to the dirty.)

And of course it intrigued me, but I find my brain often needs a launching pad into a trend. For me that initial launch is based on something that I witness. This is usually just somebody I look up to, wearing that outfit. This has happened to me patternly over the span of my whole life. It must be some type of OCD. That or I am acutely unaware of any other human being behaving this way.

What sprang me into action to wear THIS specific trend, and find THIS specific dress, was an interview I watched on Youtube. This interview took place in the Fall, just shy of the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 3 premiere.

This blog just took THAT turn. Yes it did. The interview was with Sarah Wayne Callies. She was wearing an identical dress. And of course, in leu of her character’s recent death-in-birth kill-off from the show, my heart was in mourning. I was delighted to find that I had found another great role model in the likes of Sarah Wayne Callies in her portrayal of Lori Grimes. I almost did not mind that I was the only person who felt this way, as her character was mutually cemented in despise by the multitude of show fans and followers alike. The nude and black color blocked dress is officially on my Christmas list.

I will have a serious case of All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go.

In my constant pursuit of inspiration for whatever thinking and acting I do, it is always very exciting to have a moment of realization that I still have the ability to let another human being inspire me to their fullest extent! -Even though my behavior afterwards is mildly obsessive compulsive.

Welcome to me!


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